Amnah Ibraheem

Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Kuwait, Amnah Ibraheem is an energy policy researcher focused on emerging nuclear and solar programs in the Arab Gulf states. She is currently working on her dissertation which challenges traditionalist assumptions about rentier society and political participation within Arab Gulf states by documenting popular rhetoric and tracing domestic policymaking processes surrounding energy and resources. Her research examines public perceptions and responses to recent energy diversification policies in the Arab states. Her interests also include both executive and legislative behavior in policymaking. Amnah Ibraheem works closely with the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy, previously serving as a research assistant and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Gulf Studies at the American University of Kuwait. Her research and policy portfolio includes working on projects with governments and thinktanks, both in the US and the Arab Gulf region related to nuclear policy, energy security, and renewable energy initiatives.

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